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Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that my unemployment period has come to an end. I had applied to a global company recently and was offered the position the same day! I was giddy with happiness. This was a company that I have been dying to be a part of since my internship with them 8 years ago.

I had interviewed with them in the past also, but I didn’t make it. I blame my unpreparedness and cockiness for my failure.

Now is a time for celebration and a toast to my new future! Thank you all for reading my unemployment adventures! Viva 2013! xoxo


New post for 2013!

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Happy New Year! Well I haven’t been here in such a long time due to my searching for the perfect job. I didn’t want to keep posting the same ole mundane story about my job hunt. Today however, was different.  It is the 3rd week of the new year and this was my third interview.  The first, which occurred on the Jan. 2, was successful enough for me to score a second interview.


Unfortunately, I did not do so well. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and moved on. Subsequently, I received an email when I returned from that second interview, inviting me to come in to interview for a job as a Guest Service Representative at the mall I frequent regularly.


I had put in an application just before the Christmas holiday, not expecting to hear back from them. Retail work really isn’t my forte, but I figured that getting the experience on my resume was better than nothing!




I had arrived at the mall at 1:00 p.m. sharp as per the recruiter’s request.  However, the person that was to interview did not come out until about an hour and a half later! Had the receptionist not noticed me still sitting in the waiting area as she was leaving, I’d have still been sitting there! Not acceptable! My interview nerves had already dissipated, replaced by quiet rage.  I had contemplated leaving and not looking back. In fact, I did not want to go to the interview because I felt that it was a complete waste of time.

Anyway, I held it together and did my interview.  Because I wasn’t nervous I answered the interviewer’s questions and discussed my experience.  Then she dropped a bomb. “We’d like for you to take a math test before we go further, “ she said, smiling artificially at me.  I was never good I math to tell you the truth.  What I didn’t realize that the job required money transactions and handling gift cards. Damn.  The recruiter also mentioned that it played a very huge part in getting the job.  Double damn.

That’s already a strike against me. I winged it and did the best I could (I suck at percentages!). I also was required to take a personality test. It seemed to put a lot of emphasis on drug and theft. For instance the question would be, “Do you think that taking merchandise from the job and replacing it quickly is acceptable?” Whaaa?

Or “Would you report someone that is close to you at work who is doing drugs on the site?” Who in the heck comes up with his stuff? I answered the questions honestly and answered “no” to the first and “yes” to the second.


After I was done, the recruiter returned and said, with a hint of disappointment in her voice, “I’m sorry but you didn’t do well on the test.”  Was I sad? No, not at all. As I had said before, math was not my strong point. Besides, the position is part time paying $8 an hour.  I haven’t made that kind of money since 1997! I thanked the lady for the interview (although making me wait for so long and blaming your busy schedule is not an excuse) and went on my way. Back to the drawing board!

Despite that experience, I’ll continue going to the mall but only as the customer!

Could this be the end of my unemployment?

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About two days ago, I received a telephone call from a potential employer about my resume she had seen on a job board.  Yes, I was very excited to receive the call considering that I have received many rejection emails/letters as of late.  The woman on the other end scheduled me to meet with her the next day. I thanked her and noted the appointment on my calendar.

About 24 hours after the call, I arrived at the location.  It was an elegant building complete with a doorman on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I graceoulsy thanked him after he opened the door for me. I entered the lobby.  It was very clean yet small. The ambiance reminded me of the lobby at the Waldorf Astoria when I had visited many moons ago!

After I made my prescense known to the lobby receptionist, I was instructed to wait.I carefully scrutinized myself, making sure that I didn’t look too out of place. I also wasn’t nervous which was a good thing. Having been through a series of interviews, in the past, I have no reason to be!

Finally, after a short wait, I was told to go upstairs and meet with the interviewer.  The interviewer was a pleasant younger woman who shook my hand firmly, I smiled. I’ve always liked firm handshakes. To me that shows character and business acumen.  The interview went well, I think. She explained what the duties were and the hours that I would work if I were hired.  It was perfect! Most importantly was that I would be working alone! I said that it would be great because I could get a lot done. I made sure to emphasize that it was not to say that I can’t work well with others, but that I am flexible in either situation.  I’ve always been an introverted person so this job seems very ideal for me!

I left there feeling confident that this could be the end of my long unemployment. As of now I have prepared my thank you letter that I will mail via snail mail today (express) and I pray that it will arrive before the decision is made by the end of this week! Wish me luck! 🙂

The day I nearly paid for a lemon!

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The day I nearly paid for a lemon!.


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So I received a letter from the last company I had interviewed for. Of course it wasn’t good news.  I only read the last paragraph which said “Thank you for applying and good luck in your future job search.” I tore up the letter and dumped it in the trash.  I had interviewed with this company three times for different positions and I thought that the third time’s the charm! Puh! Rejection hurts, any kind but I think an employment rejection hurts more than a relationship one!

I tried not to think about by applying to other jobs. But I as I was sending off another resume, I read an online article of a young woman in the UK killed herself after sending off 200 resumes (see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1267953/Job-seeker-Vicky-Harrison-commits-suicide-rejected-200-jobs.html), getting rejected every time.  


That did it. I broke down and cried.  It has been close to 2 years that I have been out of work and I am afraid that what happened to that girl would happen to me. I am a good person and can prove more than what my resume states but yet, yet I am turned down.  The questions I’ve always asked myself were “What am I doing wrong?” “What could I have done differently?” “How can I improve in the future?” I had no clue on why I was rejected (I arrived on the interview site on time, maintained eye contact throughout, turned off my cellphone). Sigh.

Suicide is a last resort, I think. That girl had to have been the most desperate person to have done such a thing. I have more inner strength and determination to not go that route. Rest in peace

First interview of 2012

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I was delighted when I opened my email last week from a company that wanted to interview me for an office position they had.  Since my last interview in November, I was convinced that I was unhireable.  So I researched the company (which was simple as I was familiar with them many moons ago) and prepared for the interview. Lucky thing for me, the route was accessible via public transport (I have done a test run the day before) and therefore made there on time.


According to the interviewer-a harried middle aged woman who seemed lost on what she wanted to say to me – the job is near my home (yay!) but the pay is lower than I expected (boo!). Then again, in this economy, beggars can’t be choosers, right? So I left there feeling hopeful that I’ll get a call back to return for the second interview and hopefully a job! In the meantime, I’m going to keep plugging away and being optimistic! I WILL be employed before this year is up! 🙂 

Shout out day!

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Shout out day!.